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-A collaborative poem by Stephanie Lawal, Annie Quintano, and Michael Welch, using a famous first line (William Shakespeare)

My mistress’ eyes are nothing like the sun

So blank, so dreaded, dull, and numb

I find myself wanting to hold her


But only by the dangle of fingertips weak

I grasp, hold on for fear of falling

Wondering if I be next to tweak

On blinding beams, and chilly touch

Her eyes and cheeks in smiles too much

Of heavenly highs I stubbornly

Grasping such


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I was a kid

When I discovered books,

But I was frightened

Of becoming a sissy,

So I played basketball

And baseball until

I was one of the best

In my small school

In Jamaica Estates,

And I read sports books.


When I realized

Being the best

In your neighborhood

Didn’t compare

To being the best

In all the neighborhoods

That make up

New York City,

I stared reading

More serious books.


I read Kafka, Stendhal,

Camus, and T.S. Eliot,

And others I forget.

Then I went to college,

Majoring in English.

I drank a lot in college,

But I drank more

In graduate school,

Probably why I never

Finished my degree

In Creative Writing.


When I was in high school,

I read The Stranger,

But it wasn’t until

My mother died

That I became Meursault,

Though I used to accuse

My father of being him.

I became Meursault

Because years later

I couldn’t remember the day

My mother died.


Yes, I’ve read a lot

Of books over the years,

Becoming characters

In each one of them,

So with all these men

And women I’ve become,

I’ve found solace in books,

Friends, city, country,

Despite feeling betrayed

By it from time to time,

But most important of all,

From my dependence on books,

I’ve found a reason to live.

-Michael LaBombarda

Mine Is A Gentle Soul

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 gentle breeze


Let me hold onto the fantasy

Until I’m strong enough to see reality

Don’t push, let me take my time

Mine, is a Gentle soul


Lead me gently into what you see

Until strong faith becomes a part of me

Don’t mind if I take my time

Please be kind

Mine is a gentle soul


Mercy is Divine Inspiration for a higher mind

Mercy is Divine Compensation for a weaker kind

So let me

Hold onto the fantasy

Until I’m strong enough to see Reality


Don’t mind, if I take my time

Trying to learn my role,

Mine, is a gentle soul


-Michelle Birdsong

Copyright 1980


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