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32 Flavors of Ice Cream

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32 Flavors of IceCream

“32 flavors and then some.” Song and slogan tells take of tastes fixed in forever. Perhaps Ben & Jerry’s have split. Still either/or and thousands more can access the pages of molecular exactitudes to make Crunchy Carmal Cone a heavenly thing.

After Jerry has hung a “for sale” placard on the lawn, and Ben has taken the pooch, I will  be able to purchase a pint – if only on “for a limited time only” anniversary dates.

Those anniversaries never commemorate my longings for those lost, nor could they honor those recipes.

There is a  piece of paper filed, or even an index card to indicate how many cloves my grandmother put in her pidgeon peas, and they were added at the point of or just before bursting?

At holiday times the only dessert was Ms. Lowe’s fruitcake. Not a dry, bland colorful rock. Rather, a deep brown, solidified pudding on fruits left steeping in wine and finished with whatever else goes into a cake, and palatable amounts of Rivers rhum. This was a meal closer, months in the making, with payment made not solely in cash, but with barters of spices and booze. No last minute rush to the market, but phone calls and scheduling of meet ups and pick ups of this tasty treat.

Even my mother, though no great cultivator of cuisine, and still with me in this world, no one can ever replicate those scrambled eggs.

With three simple ingredients – eggs, butter, salt – I come close.

I likely will be unwilling to use enough butter to let the eggs swim freely. Instead I will leave exact replications to the scientists while I dream of my loved ones while gorging on ice cream.

-Stephanie Lawlor


My experience as a Volunteer at the Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen on Thanksgiving Day

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I met some beautiful people in the soup kitchen, this man told me thank you for your kindness. Tell me what more can I ask for — a beautiful Thanksgiving Day at the soup kitchen. Then, I met some other volunteers and they told me they want to see me again next year.

This is my first Christmas without my mom. But I realize now there are many beautiful people out there. I didn’t see my friend George on Thanksgiving Day, but he told me a few days before, I will be ok.

-Charles Borges

Christmas Time

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When I was a child I would be glad when Christmas time comes around to get toys and having family and friends around, it would be a real celebration. Now that I am grown I only have friends, some friends to celebrate the time with.

It’s also a time for me to reflect on the good things that has crossed my path during the year and be thankful. The Lord has been very kind to me and I thank him for that, and I also thank him for giving me the courage to shake the hand of those I have problems with… try to be civil this time of year… try to enjoy the holidays. So from my lonely home, the park bench at somewhere unknown… and to all of you… I wish you a happy and Holy Christmas and all that’s best for the New Year…

By George Cousins

Thanksgiving Day 2013

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thanksgiving day

Our maker – Our hope

When God gave us the
talent that we have, it
was to help build His

It’s a job to honor
God – Amen –

In the garden of
hearts – lies joy, laughter,
Sorrow, when it’s touched.

Our gathering today to give
thanks and giving is a
privilege and pleasure.

The turning of the
leaves in the forest
to orange, yellow, red
brown is wonderful
A pure delight.

The pleasure to be with
loved ones for Thanksgiving

The cooking of foods, turkey,
stuffing, yams, apple cider,
Pumpkin pies- apple.

Thanksgiving Day is given
to all peoples-

To be blessed with
the ability to say thanks,
muchly and with the desire
to give with love.

It’s a day to reflect,
to communicate, to pray,
for others and to enjoy
the atmosphere at present.

Happy Thanksgiving Day

By Fred D Street