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On many mornings, Philip will arrive early, bundled up for the cold weather and greeting other guests with a smile and a word of encouragement. A retired Parks and Recreation Director on a limited income, Philip isn’t comfortable just having a meal here without giving back.

“I’ve donated some of my old clothes…things like that,” he explains. “I’ll get a hot meal, and that helps, but a lot of what I am thankful for is the social part,” he explains.

For Philip, this civic minded way of thinking can be traced back to a lifetime of public service and leadership as a Parks and Recreation Director, a youth hockey coach and team sports.

Philip remembers playing baseball in high school so competitively that he was scouted for college teams. “But my mother said no, and I had to respect her wishes,” he says, adding.”I’ve made peace with it. I’ve done other good things with my life that I’m proud of.”

After earning a degree in physical education, Philip enjoyed a productive career with both the New York City and New Rochelle Parks and Recreation departments. His lifetime contribution to the the well-being of countless New Yorkers, from the young athletes he coached to older adults who found happiness and health because of his leadership in their local parks and recreations programs is immeasurable.

“I led my teams to the state championships,” he remembers with pride. “Even when they weren’t expecting to get that far.”

We are seeing more New York retirees like Philip join us regularly for their daily meals. In fact, in our latest survey,  over 14% of guests reported they are over the age of 65, a 4% increase since 2014. Like Philip,  who has contributed so much to society, they too are struggling to make ends meet in New York City on  limited retirement incomes.  Sitting down for a meal alongside the  most vulnerable and homeless New Yorkers, Philip is one of these many senior citizens who are valued members in our community, offering motivation,  hope and wisdom to others.

“The community here means a lot to me,” Philip says. “I like to help out where and when I can.”


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I hear the soft clanging of a spoon in a pan

I am sure I do

Though she is not there

I smell the soft scent of sesame oil floating out from the kitchen’s warmth

I am sure I do

Though she is not there

I can hear the gentle soft lilting of her song

I am sure I do

I can taste the special noodle coming to me heaped carefully in my special bowl

I am sure I can

I am sure I can taste the dark slippery noodles so carefully cooked & prepared as they fill my grateful waiting mouth

But she is not there

She is not here

She is not carrying those special noodles to me as I sit expectantly on my throne

She is not here and the kitchen is quiet and clean and I am alone and she is not here

This achingly acquiescent cleanliness she last touched I dare not change

This barren emptiness I dare not disturb

This troubling quietness I know not how to sound again

Her absence makes a mockery of gathering any buds and nuts no matter I have traveled in the realms of gold and kissed a sweet rose now all is gone and I am alone

  – Michael Welch