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elevator buttons

            Pamela Santucci works as a cleaning woman in a medical building where there are many medical offices. She cleans daily from 5 a.m. to 2 p.m. One morning, around 4:30, she got on  the elevator, and a passenger came in after her, and said, “14, please.” So Pamela pressed the floor she wanted.

As the elevator was moving, she kept staring at the passenger, until it finally dawned on her who the person was. It was her daughter’s best friend. The passenger also kept staring at Pamela. Both said nothing. The elevator stopped on the 14th floor, and when the passenger got off, Pamela saw that the floor only has psycho offices, so Pamela wondered why Gloria Banapoli would be going to see a shrink.

When she got home, she told her daughter, gossip that she is. Her daughter said, “Ma, sit down. But please do not repeat this. She is married to Richie Cannoli.”

Then Pamela said, “The mob guy? But he’s in prison!”

Then her daughter said, “Ma, Ma, read between the lines. He married her so she can carry things in and out of jail for him.”

Pamela put her hands to her mouth, then over her head, and said, “You didn’t stop her from doing this crazy thing? What did her parents say—they don’t know?”

Her daughter said, “No.”

And Pamela said, “Of all the cockamamie things! I will have a talk with her the next time I see her. And that has to be now. Today. Find her, please, and bring her here.”

And that evening, there was Gloria, sitting at Pamela’s kitchen table.

“You being married to Richie, can’t you see what a mess you’re in? Can’t you annul the marriage?”

Gloria’s response was to ask, “You know I used to go with Bobby Fantusa?”

Pamela said, “Yes.”

Gloria then told her that Richie was going to kill her if he didn’t leave her, “So Bobby dropped me, which I found out later was a lie. You see, Bobby had borrowed money from the mob, and for payment—I was the payment.”

Pamela said, “My God, what are you going to do?”

Gloria said, “That isn’t the worst part. When you saw me this morning, I was making a delivery to the doctor. There are quite a few doctors I deliver drugs to weekly, but rarely that early. Usually after 4 p.m. That doctor was going to California later that day, and I couldn’t miss him. Then I gave the cash to Richie’s father. That’s my story. Bobby Fantusa got me in this mess.”

Then Pamela said, “And Bobby will get you out of this mess.”

After Gloria left, Pamela sat down at the table on the same chair Gloria had just left. She started smiling to herself. You see, when she was at Erasmus High, there was a boy who had a big crush on her. His name was Emilio Lagatuta. He had a great voice, like the great Caruso, Alonso, or even Robison. Anyways, his father forbade him to take up singing. He said, “That profession does not pay any money. You should come into the family business.”

His father was Vinnie Lagatuta, the head of the mob of Amalie. Over the years Emilio became the leader of the family. And over the years Gloria and Emilio kept in touch. So Gloria called Emilio, told him the problem, and he agreed to take care of it.

Within two days she got a call from Gloria. The problem was solved, and she was free from her husband. You see, when you have friends in high place, things happen. Of course, this story is entirely made up.

by George Cousins



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Ezra Sugarbaker was a kid at heart. When he built the Sugarbaker mansion, he had a few add-ons, like a revolving door, a sliding wall, fake fireplaces, and for himself, a dumbwaiter. The first set of changes was for children he entertains at Christmas, Easter, or whenever else he feels like having kids over. When he got sick, he closed up all those features, except for the dumb-waiter.

By the way, do you know the use of a dumbwaiter? It’s an elevator-like appliance that goes from the kitchen to the floor above. Most rich houses have one, so that your meals can be served in bed, rather than going downstairs.

Leticia was the housekeeper who took care of Ezra. Let me tell you how Leticia came to work for the Sugarbakers. She worked for a bed-and-breakfast in Cootersville. When Ezra and Rose were on a trip, they saw her, liked her, and hired her on the spot. She has been with them for years.

The reason I’m telling you this is because of secrets. When Anthony heard what Mee Mee said, he called Iris, and the conversation was overheard by Dulcinanea and Prudence, the two downstairs maids, who were washing the the dishes in the kitchen.

Let me tell you how this is possible. After Ezra’s death, Rose closed off the dumbwaiter, made bookshelves, and turned that area into a bedroom for her daughter when she came home from college. But in the kitchen she added a one-way intercom, so she can listen to the conversations her daughter is having in the room. That’s the room Anthony is staying in.

So Dulcinanea said to Prudence, , “Did you hear that he is talking to some woman named Iris?”

Then Prudence said, “That’s that Tibido woman. I was at the dinner tonight, and he was talking about Miss Mee Mee.”

Then Dulcinanea said, “We have to tell Leticia what we heard.”

Anthony is still talking to Iris. “Look, Iris, I am not going to jeopardize a good thing I got going here, because you want to continue some feud. Hello? Hello? Hello?” She’d hung up.

Dulcinanea said, “We’d better call Leticia and tell her what we heard. I tell you, some secrets, like this one, must be told.”

by George Cousins