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Show Your Love

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Tonight I write this article inspired by a program I was watching on TV called “America’s Got Talent”. A young man told his story of how he and his sister were in foster care and were adopted – his adopted mom was there also. He sang a song on the show – it was so inspiring that I couldn’t help but write this through tears.

We live in a world of love, hurt, misunderstanding, kindness, etc. I understand that it’s important to listen with an open mind and sincerity. I saw a gentleman today I met some time ago, he told me of his dilemma. I listened. Now he has accomplished what he set out to do. It was rewarding to listen to him. Also, another person I met, he spoke of being homeless. And now, he has a job and a place of residency. I’m inspired by these stories. It’s through my faith that I can understand this.

If you allow your humanness and your love for your fellow man to flourish, the rewards are endless. I believe this with sincerity. I’m grateful for a wonderful mom whom I cherish today with love.

In other words, lend an ear to someone today, tomorrow, next year if possible. The inspiration gathered from this will go on forever and ever.

Fred D. Street


Ode to Eyes

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Eyes that judge

Eyes that conceal

Eyes that care

Eyes that see

Eyes that love

Eyes that are unconcerned

Eyes that smile

Make us individuals of a unique being

Caring has an abundance of heart and soul.

It’s a pleasure to write thoughts that have a feeling

Of security beyond reasonable doubt.

-Fred D. Street

Rodney’s Story

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Rodney’s work history goes back to high school – back to when he began to live on his own. Over the years, he’s worked in security and in food prep for hotels. Four years ago though, unemployment jumped into the mix. Rodney was left without a job and a home, and found himself in the shelter system.

Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen was the first soup kitchen Rodney came to, and he still relies on it as he puts his life back together one step at a time.

“Holy Apostles has helped me in so many ways, especially since food stamps have been cut. If it wasn’t for that, I’d be in a lot of trouble. Everything is going up.”

Last year, Rodney decided he needed to get the kind of training required for a job that  not only offers a paycheck, but security and benefits as well. After taking classes and studying hard, he took four tests, earning his commercial driver’s license on December 18th, 2013.

“No question about it. If it wasn’t for the soup kitchen there was no way I could even have food in my stomach,” For Rodney, food in his stomach meant he could  study, drive, pass the CDL license and start the process of applying for more competitive jobs than he had ever dreamed of having in the past.

The most surprising part to Rodney? The amount of hard work, time and negotiation that’s required after one has a license! “Things actually got harder. Most jobs have a lot of applications,” says Rodney. Often times, he had to go back multiple times to speak with different people for the same job.

While he’s been looking for jobs he’s continued to rely on the soup kitchen. “Without eating here there’s no way to survive. Bills, rent, storage, mta – there’s nothing left for food after that.”

Today, with perseverence and Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen everyday, Rodney is excited about his new job as a school bus driver, which started this past September.

“I still need to go through some hoops, get training and learn the routes,” says Rodney, who is hoping to eventually drive for the MTA, a private bus company like Greyhound, or even the Sanitation department. But now, with the help of the soup kitchen, he has faith that his future holds has much to offer.

Joel’s Story

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Joel first came to Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen early in 2014 as a volunteer. It was a cold winter and the 36 year old native New Yorker wanted to help his neighbors in need. Little did he know that only a few months later, after losing a job he had held for many years, he would be the one in need of help.

“The job was off the books so there was no unemployment insurance when they let me go,” explains Joel. “I knew about the soup kitchen from volunteering here and I knew it was a good place and that they could help me.”

Joel knew he could get a nutritious lunch at the soup kitchen, but he got much more than that. As he came to rely on us, he saw how others were helped by our counselors, he heard of people finding jobs and housing. So when he had lined up an interview for a job this past August and didn’t have any suitable clothes to wear, he asked our counselors for help.

“They helped me out so much,” Joel recalls. “They gave me this nice shirt, khaki pants, shoes. I looked really smart and I got hired!”

Today Joel works for AM New York but he hasn’t forgotten the soup kitchen and he comes here to volunteer and give back as often as he can. His experience over the past year has motivated him to build on his skills and work towards a more stable career. Next year he has plans to go to Hunter College to study accounting and finance.

“I’m turning things around,” Joel says, “I’m reading a lot online about succeeding in business, about needing to be focused and make sacrifices. Coming here and volunteering helps me learn to put these things into practice.”