Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen


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Fundamentally food is necessary but more than that, than

Out of necessary, it is glorious!

Opulence of greens and reds, of leaves and roots, of slabs of meat, of breast and legs and wings

Descending on my plate before me magically, gracefully from God’s bounty


For all—if only we share, fall short if we fail to, frantic hunger, wasting away

Olfactory delights as well as tongue

Resounding crackles, hissing, crunching, chew, chew, enjoy the stew


Thankful can’t begin to describe my sentiments, the

Honest truth of it, the urgency

Out of hunger, unto gratitude

Urgent our call to share so none go hungry, none grow emaciated with distended bellies

Garden the Earth, sow, reap, gather in garlands of greens and sweet peas and marigolds

Hearty meals—a banquet for all the world

Thanks and thanks to God, the earth, sister, brother.

–    Annie Quintano


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