Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen

Never Give Up

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Stop – Can be a dangerous world.

My life living on the street over twenty-five years not knowing where and what corner I’ll doze off in, knowing the staff will kick me out. But life is a gamble, I thank God for the church. We’re allowed to sleep on the steps and wake up for the “run” or anyone who wants to donate food or anything. It doesn’t matter if it’s 40 degrees or snow, rain, below zero, this is where I sleep and how I sleep. Getting my cardboard boxes together each night. Sometimes I don’t sleep, just walk around all day taking care of my business, trying to get something to eat from the soup kitchen and volunteers outside. But when I sit down outside, that’s when people get very mad, when you are on private property, they hit you, yell at you to wake up. My nerves are shocked after a time. Showers are at scheduled times in designated places. At times I don’t feel like showering, but I know that odor builds up after wearing the same clothes daily, but no one will come close to smell me. Yeah, everything fits in my five shopping bags filled with things I need. People don’t feel I need all these bags.

-Precious W.


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