Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen

Lumpy Cream of Wheat

In Uncategorized on September 2, 2016 at 1:21 pm


cream of wheatHe stooped down to release his load

Then stood fluidly

As if his blood was lumpy Cream of Wheat

The way Ma used to make


At five I begged to have those

Clandestine chewy globs

Appear sporadically in my Breakfast Bowl

I swore that I would when I could

May my own hot bowl of yumminess,

That breakfast would always be full of surprises


But at 45, almost anally,

I gently vibrate the cereal box, high above the pot

Allowing sonly for sprinkles while I simultaneously stir

To assure that the grains meet

Only when they are ready to meld

I am too old for surprises

Still they come

From beyond my insight or control

More substantially than any lumpy porridge

Or coins gathered in cups


Though still only giving me slight pause


That is

Until he stood with chalice in hand

Ready to receive our deposits

And barked simply “Homeless Person”

Essentially encompassing his entire existence

For all who chose to fly by

-Stephanie Lawal


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