Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen


In Poetry on June 15, 2016 at 8:32 pm

jumping over ravine

Gaps hoops, expanses, chasms, sink-holes

yearning to be filled, caulked, levelled out by the

passing sands of time…our spirits
We strain our sinews reaching into the hidden

recesses of the soul, grasping at elusive dreams

wrapping themselves round our flirting spirits,

screaming out blasphemies too outrageous

to utter to the audience, the congregation of


Perpetually agape — our restless souls wrestling

with choices — what to invite, receipt, review before

allowing the flood of music, to films, to videos –

sight and sound – overwhelm our peaceful,

restless existence.

Revolving door strategies flowing over the blank

canvas of our souls cluttered yet open-accessed

crevices unwilling to remain shut, grasping at the

plethora of myriad needles  pricking at the

pores of the human psyche.

Transitioning expanding horizons through

past, present and future pockets of

intangible spiritual minefields whirling above

our dormant dreams of a utopia called home.

We are in a state of in-betweenity — light

and darkneess, confusion and clarity, chais

and soberness — sickness and health, life

and death.

That unseen hand from someplace –

Writing on the wall of our fake

reality — wake us from our forgone

state of debauchery — fill

the spaces — open to the air

filled with unfulfilled temptation.

-Chris V. 


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