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Red Wagon

In memoir, Poetry on February 19, 2016 at 1:59 pm

red wagon

Hey son, time to move again

but it’s the only home I’ve known and all I know is here

You’ll like your grandparents and that big house and the van will move all

your stuff to our new home.

Say goodbye to your friends, you’ll make new ones,

because no one ever stays in Colorado Springs

The house got sold, the van came and went, but it left behind my red wagon.


More than 35 years later, it’s still someone else’s home

and I still haven’t found a place of my own

Parents and Grandparents are now long gone

and the little sister doesn’t even remember that old home anymore

but then the movers also forgot about the red wagon.


And now the present seems lost with failures abounding

and everyone gone as well as the sled and bear and red wagon.

It seems I’m trapped in the past but stuck in the future

wandering the streets I’ve known all my life

but now no one there knows me

The faces and storefronts are different

but any chance I have of returning home is as gone as that red wagon.

-Thomas Clarke


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