Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen

Anticipation Realized, and Over

In Food, Poetry on December 29, 2015 at 8:48 pm

pollo moderno

The elation

Not from a placebo

You know there was a promenade in heaven, last night

It seem cocaine and Mary danced into the early summer morning

6 am and balmy

Frustration never had a chance,

Not even an opening when all the guests disappeared

As quickly as they arrived,

Instead, the real moment of reflection and longing,

Thick in the air


A gazebo, happenstance

13th century inspired and ornate,

At this time time, fresh as fruit from neighboring trees,

New as technology,

Welcoming as a motel with new management,

Instrinsic to the fall…

If you know what I mean.


Random in the mansion of life,

But at the time, an urgent matter at my hands,

Ya know, hindsight is 20/20,

It was a blessing masquerading as convention…

I didn’t have to break all the rules to feel alive for this


This treat,

These delicacies,

A 3-course meal that costs much,

But not appreciated enough.

A travesty if this wasn’t the last meal of the disciples,

And dare I recommend, if nature created life as such,

That babies wiggle out from the mother, crying for

Pollo Moderno.

I was a waiter in my own world,

With knowledge of life and nearby planets…

Soul de Cuba, and there’s only one other in Hawaii.

I get it!

Like how I get that when eating good food –

Really –anything beyond delicious –

God has to be dining across from me,

If he isn’t the chef.

Yellow rice, has to be a vice.

Black beans with access to the pickiest eater.

Sweet plantains on the side

like Bodyguards…—guardians.

And God Damnit that chicken breast…

Golden like California, and crisp as its coast.

You can’t have the outfit without the hat.

The salsa –diced onions, chopped mango….white castilllo rum,

One can indulge in what having to be 21.

There are a couple of other ingredients in the sals,

But myth and mystery are fascinating –

Maybe I don’t have to know.

It was a blessing masquerading as convention.

A friend of mine hooked me up with that job.

I quite a long while ago, but that Polo Moderno changed my life.

So in a sense ……foods do such a thing.



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