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Poems by Annie Quintano

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Untitled POEM #1

In case you didn’t know, she thought

but left it unsaid;

The spectacular array of colors

when it fell

and splattered red

and relieved itself of mold and charring;

the lathes and studs unable to stand

or withstand

And the black and orange of smoldering—

like Halloween

but the bones now real-

and shorn of skin

a crisp whiteness


too worn not to break

she thought it was best left unsaid:

that tragedy has an appeal;

and suffering, ironically, delightful colors

and can leave a taste in your mouth

both blood

and wine


And to uncomplicated it

red isn’t always blood

sometimes red is just red

-Annie Quintano



What is delightful;

beyond the unexpected waking

when one is dying—

is the smell of decay held at bay

leaving room for lavender

the sound of a toilet flushing

the wooden cane leaning against the door

Annie Quintano


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