Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen

Do What I Say

In Poetry, The worst of times on October 23, 2015 at 1:57 pm


-Do what I say

But you don’t make sense

-Don’t think about it, just do it

Sorry I don’t work that way

-Just follow all 3 of us

You’re not saying the same thing

-Listen and do or else

Who do I listen to-you’re saying all different things?

-You didn’t listen-now leave


-You didn’t follow instructions, now get out

You’re not making sense-which instructions to follow?

-And you’re leaving “voluntarily”, or I call the cops

Are you on crack?

-You can’t appeal this, get out

Your supervisor said I was supposed to get an appeal

-Don’t pay attention to that bitch, get out

You’re making me homeless

-I don’t give a fuck-BTW, you can’t stay in our shelter

Where am I supposed to go?

-I don’t give a fuck-you’re free to do what you want

I’d like to stay in the place I’ve been living in

-Get out

-Thomas Clarke



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