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The Ballet Dancer

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Santegidio, a world wide charitable organization gave a picnic in Central Park and I was invited.  On my way to the picnic area we had to pass a Ballet dancer fully made up with a tutu. It’s like you are looking at a music box. I asked my friend to loan me a dollar so that I could put in the bucket. As I didn’t want to put in the nickels and dimes in the bucket, a man of my standard throwing in nickels and dimes…no,  no, no. So after she finished her dance she bowed then winked and blew me a kiss. Naturally my instinct did the same. This I started down the hill to the picnic area on the way I started to think what if that was a man under all that make up and dress I had blown a kiss to, Jesus Christ…I shudder and I dismissed that thought. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and we all had a good time even with the people I didn’t care about. The host of the picnic asked us to form a circle as she wants to thank us for coming and she wanted to tell us what this picnic was all about, “friendship”. Then she told us the pope had just visited their group in Italy and spoke about different people getting together holding hands. Black, white, Chinese, African getting together to be happy. Then my though went back to the ballet dancer and blowing a kiss. I was being stupid…In my other life I would have said “Phew”(Pee-You”). Santegidio is a group that is worldwide that helps people, whether you are homeless or not. I have been a part of this group several years and they are above board. They mean what they say. Their motto should be “We Will Give You a Helping Hand”.

-George Cousins


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