Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen


In Poetry on May 26, 2015 at 7:16 pm


1. It’s my opinion that through

our creator, that before

you’re a flower – a seed

is embedded in the warmth

of the earth, inner is

yet to be revealed from

this seed – outer beauty

is yet to behold –

Embryo – something as

yet undeveloped.

2. Yet, we as human – beings

possess beauty within

us  ready to blossom.

3. As we live and grow

our potential self

take form.

Inner beauty allows your

outer beauty to cause a

pleasing aroma of yourself.

4. It’s a joy to be polite.

The joy that lives within


5. It does not depend

on outer situatioins

or people. Its factors

present in individuals

from birth-

6. To overlook the

treasures of your

inner beauty-

“not very cool”

7. Being focus – not on

what’s missing, but

on the inspiration of

your beauty in a

world of darkness/blight.

8. We’re paramount

on the universe we dwell

to have the ability to

discipline one self,

to manage –

9. After the blessings

that have been the

expressions of God’s

love, generosity and

favor, the gratidutde

of you/me might show

some harvest/blessings

expected – return –

10. We can enrich the

lives of others by

producing thanks

for our blessings

to others –

11. Challenge your blessings –

Indulge in your harvest –

12. Spring arrives with

honor and grace and


Flowers with smiles

of love.

13. Springtime – oh! yes!

Winter has gone

to bed for now! –

14. Words are special

in storytelling, it

matters, they have

meaning, not just

ink on paper –

15. “Hello Spring”

You have sprung –

the strength of our

actions – should match

our gratitude of


A transformation –


A warm smile –

A delight!

And exhiliration – where in

the mind and the heart

compliments each other –

to take a bow at this


-Fred D. Street


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