Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen

Our Daughter by George Cousins

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Ernest Sinclair had a car dealership, the largest in the nation. However, this story is not about health but about family. He married Elaine Francis at an early age. She was very pretty, but she was a prostitute. He married her to change her lifestyle. A couple of years after the marriage she got pregnant, and she had a Cesarean delivery. She was put to sleep for the procedure. When she woke up, the doctors plus her husband told her the baby had died. She cried for about a week. She missed the kid although she never saw it. She wanted to be happy, plus to make her husband happy. She eventually got over the loss and dove right into charity work. She even had a job at Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen as an organizer who worked four days a week. She put her heart and soul into the project. Fast forward for a couple of years. She eventually thought about doing something in government, perhaps running for City Council, where she could do a lot of good for people. But Ernest reminded her of the prostitution before they got married, and that her opponent would use that as a stepping stone to get votes. She said she would find clippings of  the good she has done while she was married. She got some of her friends to act as her staff, and she got out papers of the good she did over the years. There among the papers she came across the dead baby’s death certificate. She cried for about half an hour. She finally composed herself, then came across a baby’s birth certificate with the name Joeann Sinclair–her baby’s name. Along with the certificate was a picture of a baby about three days old, and another of a child about two years old. She was shocked, so called Ernest at his office and told him she had an emergency. Could he come home because she had something to show him. He got home as fast as he could. Elaine had a martini waiting for him. She was sitting in the club chair, and he had a seat on the sofa. He wanted to know what was the urgency for him to come home. She said, look under the cushion you are sitting on and you will see an envelope. He opened the envelope, stood up, and put his hands to his mouth. After about five minutes he excused himself, then went out into the garden to think. After about half an hour he came back inside, then went to the CD player and put on a live opera concert with a woman singing one of Puccini’s arias. Elaine then asked, why are we listening at this time to a woman singing a Puccini aria. Ernest told her, “THAT’S OUR DAUGHTER!” She said, “WHAT!?!” Then Ernest asked her, if we had raised her, wouldn’t you think the other children would have called her “daughter of a whore?” You know how kids are mean, back in those days. Then Elaine started crying again. Then Ernest said, “Elaine, I made the right decision. I’m sorry you were cheated. I was thinking of the child’s future.” Elaine asked him about the family that raised her. Ernest said no family, but an ex-girlfriend who taught at the Conservatory of Fine Arts. She raised her in a way I am proud of. Then Elaine asked has he been in touch with them. He said yes. He paid for her schooling. Elaine knew she must be twenty years old now. Then she looked at the picture on the CD. She said, “My God, she has my face.” Ernest said, “Yes.” Then Elaine ran out of the living room and into the garden while Ernest listened to his daughter sing a Puccini aria which was recorded live in Vienna. If you believe the above story is real, Ernest has a car for sale that runs on tap water.


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