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A Brief Bit of Nature

In Guest stories, Prose on February 25, 2015 at 8:13 pm


by George Cousins

This morning when I opened my eyes, I thought to myself, today is going to be a great day. I walked a couple of blocks and came to a block that was completely brand new with a 40 floor office building all steel and glass. The sidewalk was completely repaved. There was a building maintenance man washing the sidewalk. The air around smelled fresh. The sky was blue…it feels like heaven. Then I looked down and saw a plant of some kind growing out from between the square on the sidewalk…not a crack, just one of the squares. So I wondered how did it get there – maybe a bird carrying a twig for his new home and a seed fell from the twig or maybe some junkie sitting on the building’s fire hydrant nodded off and dropped his joint and the seed from that joint fell in the crack and started to grow. I stood there for a while and was admiring nature at work. Just then a voice from behind me said, “Are you going to stand there with your cart staring at nothing?” I was thinking all that foot traffic passing that plant and not destroying it. I turned around to look at the person for a second before I said anything. I finally bent down, pulled up the plant root and threw it at him. It landed on his shirt. He said, “My new expensive dress shirt from Pink. What did you do that for? Are you crazy? This is an expensive shirt.” I went close to him and said, “You were in a hurry and I am merely showing you what I saw staring at nature among the steel and glass…so tomorrow I will be in a hurry like you are today and not stop to admire nature because you wanted to see what I was staring at and holding you up. Now you be sure to have a nice day…but as the kids saying goes…. “Don’t step on any cracks or you’ll break your mama’s back…”


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