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In Love, Poetry, secrets & dreams, Stories on December 4, 2014 at 10:04 pm


by Rosetta Miletti North

You’re a lifelong dream recently relinquished.
The tiresome fact remains that I cannot help search the masses
that I may chance upon a countenance pleasing to my soul.

I have not found you.

In the verdure of youth,
the enticing notion of duality ignited within me the spark to unearth you.
To find the hand that protectively holds onto mine when I fear the monsters in the dark and the dark demons within myself.
To find the sweet breath that bathes my ear, whispering my name during the incremental folds into darkness or as the chill starts to evaporate by morning light.
To hear eternity echo off of the majestic massifs, retelling of our serendipitous encounter.

Yet…I have not found you.

The formation of the idea of you was lovely,
held steadfast by the hope of stirring from a dream to find you slumbering by my side.
The idea of you was divine,
something to look back upon on occasion when life has become antiquated, punctuated by the emergence of newly formed lovers holding our place in the universe.


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