Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen

Chris’s story

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Chris and Brooke

When Chris travels, say, to England, he checks in every day with Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen to let the staff know he’s doing fine.  That’s because Chris counts the staff, volunteers and other guests at the soup kitchen as his closest friends. Not only has he been a regular guest here since 1987, but he began attending  church here since he moved to New York from Boston in 1977. That was five years before the first meal was served.

Chris, who relies on disability insurance in order to make ends meet, says he began eating at the Soup Kitchen when food prices “just got too expensive.” While on any given day, you might find Chris in the middle of an animated discussion that reveals a keen intellect, Chris doesn’t want to talk about  the tragic circumstances surrounding his disability. Since moving to New York in the 70’s however, he’s put his best foot forward, which includes staying in shape as a runner,  and coming to Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen.

Chris has twin sons, Ritchie and Eddie, who are  now 48 years old, and professors of Math and Physics  at Cornell University. Chris talks fondly of visiting them on the way to the State Fair in Syracuse.


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