Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen

Society and Burdens

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Human beings as a group-
all people forming a community
and having common interests,
traditions, and culture.
Each day we meet people whose lives creak
and grate harshly with problems.
It dulls our sensitivity
to the deeper issues
of life. If we keep
our hearts soft and receptive,
our character will grow.

Just one drop of encouragement
could restore hope
of beauty to behold.

There are many applications
of encouragement. It’s like oil,
it lubricates the moments of life,
times to come, as a people.

Some of us long for the oil of a sympathetic word.
Oils of joy, beauty to many hurting people.
Speak a word of encouragement
to your fellow man.
Human spirit can gain new hope
from an encouraging word.

by Fred Street


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