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Let the Countdown Begin

In Uncategorized on August 2, 2014 at 7:59 pm

gold king

Let the countdown begin

For I am here to win

In a city full of sin.

Let the countdown begin

For I am here to win

In a city full of win.

Why be a saint?

Do what you godda do.

My name is Artist: O’Kang: Forever.

Who are you?

Just a man full of madness.

Let the countdown begin-

I need my money in gold bars.

For it’s time to begin to count my money.

My name is O’Kang F.A. Ruddock.

I go by Artist O’Kang Forever. You can find me

Breaking my way into the Chelsea art scene.

Day by day, I’m getting closer –

Nah, mean. I say it every day

At least 14 times.

I, O’Kang Ruddock, will sign. . . dot dot dot

A lucrative artist deal with Larry Gagosian.

I’m thinking, Damn, there’s godda be a better way to get there.

Sometimes eating food at the church, I feel I’ll never get near. . .

To at least half my money in gold.

Truth be told . . .

I have different personalities –

Truth be sold, no fallacy,

Anyhow, that’s another story,

Stick to the

Script because I can bore me.


I do tattoos

Paint pictures

Cut hair


But I can’t get it together  –

That’s what they say: “He’s like the weather.”

You can’t predict him.

I guess I’m like God

. . . Or the Devil –

You can’t prescript him.

-Artist: O’Kang F.A. Ruddock: Forever


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