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Fork In the Road

In Guest stories, Prose, Stories, secrets & dreams, Uncategorized on July 31, 2014 at 6:06 pm

2330044065_03682e251a_nAt the top of the hill with my shopping cart and cane, I took a look at my feet and saw how they were improving after my foolish stint of showering with the same socks on for these three years. How stupid. The fungus grew between the socks and my feet. How stupid. Well, here I am at the fork in the road, I turn around to look at the distances I have come, all the hardship and turmoil I have experienced, the good things and the bad things. I then turn to look at the distances I have to go. I still see the same as what I saw when I left. I then turn to look at the starting path on this night and I see happy times, wealth and prosperity. I turn again and look at the path I’ve traveled. I immediately look to the sky. I said, “Que sera, sera.” Then I started walking on my original path. I know how to function in this manner, a change could be completely different. I couldn’t cope this way. A change would be nice at my age but I could not exist.

George Cousins



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