Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen

Hamilton’s Story

In Guest stories, Keeping hope alive, Soup Kitchen Stories on July 16, 2014 at 8:55 pm


Take a tour on a New York City Big Bus and you may be lucky enough to have Hamilton as your guide. The man is so grateful for the personal and efficient help he received from  Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen that he offers up an exciting idea:  “I want to  take the whole staff on a bus tour to celebrate! The whole thing – on me!”

Hamilton, a United States Marine Corps veteran, found himself homeless after personal issues forced him out on the streets. He came to the soup kitchen for a meal and was happy to find the additional help and support offered by our social services center.   One of our counselors  referred Hamilton to Samaritan Village, an outreach group that helps homeless veterans, and is onsite at Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen every Tuesday. Only one week later Hamilton had a home secured, complete with donated furniture. Once he was back on his feet it didn’t take Hamilton long to land the  job at Big Bus. It perfectly suits this man’s friendly and outgoing demeanor. He says he can get along with anybody and part of that is from his experience as a soldier stationed abroad.

Hamilton was stationed in Vietnam in 1975. He also served in the last regional operation to evacuate the American embassy in Phnom Pen, Cambodia. “That’s the one in the movies. Operation Eagle Pull”,  he says proudly.  He keeps  his veteran I.D. card and his Big Bus Tour I.D. card together on the lanyard hanging around his neck.

“I love my job and it pays well!” From getting people out, to getting people around, he has certainly gotten himself into a place where he is happy again.




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