Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen

Michael and Curtis

In Guest stories on June 27, 2014 at 3:36 pm


Soon after Michael  started coming to Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen he brought his friend Curtis. As a team these two make lunch here a part of their daily plan to “keep things positive”.

Michael had heard about Holy Apostles  from another friend of his and immediately noticed all the work that goes into its success. “It’s a really upbeat atmosphere. The volunteers are excellent and always have a smile. No one looks down at you.”

The two are putting their lives back together one day at a time with area support groups starting at 6:30 a.m. Michael’s been “struggling with the transition”, but is determined to fill each hour of each day with positive activities, fellowship and interactions. Coming to to the soup kitchen is a part of that routine. “The more things I can do [to stay busy] the better,” he says.

Michael was able to get a haircut through a voucher program at Holy Apostles and, he says, “When I’m hungry I’m assured I can come here. I’m very grateful.”
He is also hopeful about the future. “If you stay on the right path, opportunities are everywhere,” he says, adding that he would like to start volunteering at the soup kitchen as well.

While Curtis finished his chicken soup, salad and an ice-cream pop he remarked that he is thankful for the “real food” served here every day. “It doesn’t have to be just bread and water,” he says, referencing his evening meal.

Along with the continued support of generous soup kitchen friends, these two friends make each day count.


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