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Father’s Day

In Stories, secrets & dreams on June 2, 2014 at 6:07 pm


Father’s Day is a holiday that is an American celebration. When I was young I bought things for my father – at that time it is the right thing to do. In my adult life I learn things about me father. One Sunday afternoon when I was in my thirties I asked my mother for scotch tape. Suddenly my old man, he did not like the way I asked my mother for scotch tape. He ran towards me with his hand towards my throat, pinning me against the kitchen wall. Very short fuse he had. I learned to talk to people as if they were my brother, or sister. I tried to be nice to him, I understand that he had a hard life that doesn’t explain his reaction.

I believe what they teach us I want to do something for my father and my mother and do it on a daily basis. Not on the American holiday, or any holiday. There is a lot of sadness and sorrow, and to be free of them is a very difficult thing to achieve. Short fuse is not the way to go. Learn from the past go to the future. Don’t let people give you a hard time.

Me, I still struggle with my feelings about past history. To do things for our father, it is a gift within me. And there are times it is not easy. To learn about our father is a strength and encouragement. Learn to be who you are and not the person that the past might make you. Truly believe that with time,  one can work it out. Towards the end it is worth it. And I am not my father in a lot of ways. What this earth is offering me, the only thing to do, is that I love you Papa, I love you. You’re my father in the bad times and the good times. My blood is running down towards the ground for your short fuse. We are too old for this acute pain, and we try to make the best of it in this very upset world that we are living in. Look around, and what do you see Papa? I am your son who loves you Papa. Papa please don’t do this you have a family who loves you, Papa.

Yes, the American holiday is a waste of time.

By Leucio Parella


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