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Finding Faith Discovering Direction

In Prose on May 29, 2014 at 5:18 pm


By Daniel Ito

Good day young and old! Here’s one for all ages
A writing from the knight inked on the pages:
What’s with this way that has the world on a wire?
Working for low wages just to get hired?
Building up degrees to get iced or fired?
So called road-to-riches is a trap and track that’s so tired
No longer let lives be logs for the profiting pyre
To fulfill divine design is now my true desire
Color with love, let the deity be the dyer
Now I follow my faith but not to a friar
Or a zealot or templar, giving life for Aiur
But a knight for the light, breath of God is the sire
Hands out, lifted up, angel wings are the flyers Holy hymns His or Hers?
From whomever I acquire
Songs saved my ships from sirens so dire
On the river of spirit, to the truth we’re drawing nigher
All creatures great and small let us honor and admire
So bless everyone and all, from low sellers to high buyers

My job was a front that I left behind
Sacrificing spirit not in the offer signed
Consumed by the data, on dollars digits dined
Working ‘round the clock’ had my hands in a bind
Hours halved or doubled like it was five to nine
All to bring home bacon on sweat of brow, back, skin and rind
Bosses read complaints as grunted white collar wines
So I got drunk and blunted to escape from the grind
Then rhyming became my outlet, sparked by the lines
Quit 2 days before twenty-four, stars were aligned
Winds of change came, to better times they wind
Allowed me to volunteer, my checks paid in kind
The soul is not for sale, nor is the jewel of my mind
So now on the prophets’ path, peace I pray to find.

Heavy on my tongue, these words have waited
Not fishing for fans, but the breath is bated
Some people see weddings as so dated
King takes the check for the queen to get mated
Only for love to get thrown on the castle lawn
Spend nights in hotels paid by the ring pawned
And if they divorce, sue to split the dollars, flesh, and pounds
Lady or a tramp, the trial feeds ’em to the hounds
But that way doesn’t have to be, a better balance can be found
Stand inside your love, for falling out you ain’t bound
Cause even if they’re not the first, you can make it last
Ship your hearts together, be the sail to their mast
See we’re making progress, allowing any adults to be together
Who are we to judge in whom one finds their joy and pleasure?
Whether sun or storms, free your heart and never tether
Bless all the unions, may their bonds never sever
And as for my love, I’ll tell you a true tale
Of one who won my heart, whom I have faith I won’t fail
I was a buck looking for a doe, but not a gold digger
Going stag I was shot down for lack of pulling triggers
Tried to lift my spirits, drowned drunk on jugs and jiggers
But when I stopped scoping, I was found by one true figure
She’s a proper partner on the path to the most high
Set my sights on her, a soul pleasing to the eyes
While focusing on her looks might seem so shallow
Her holy spirit is what my heart hallows
I want to field her dreams that have lied so fallow
Raise her stalks so high from seeds that are now low
Who she is and wants to be is what I adore
She fills my heart up, how could I ask for more?

I’m a seeker for truth, but not for snitches
Miracles over magic, no need for wands or witches
A man of the cloth sewn from spiritual stitches
On my divine drive dug me out of the ditches
Now to holy heavens is where my heart hitches
Forgiving biters of the apple, we all have glitches
Daily bread for the hounds to pure bitches
And for the C.R.E.A.M? More to life than riches
Pardon the plug for giving product pitches
For in the city of angels bless the man donating Abercrombie and Fitches
While the CEO’s living large off of XS to M britches
Extra, extra homeless are now the couture kitsches
So I’ll be the Batman for those no one hears
Step up to the plate and strike out all their fears
Prevent ’em from playing chicken, even cogs can change their gears
Stop driving for the dollars and cash cows sold like steers
Won’t get locked in holding bucks so dear
Critics call my rows corny, but still I have their ears
Cause I light a better world, all eyes are now seers
Whether cut or crying, got tissue for tears and tears
Our bodily vessels leak the same, we are all peers
Each a diamond in the rough, from street rats to grand viziers
Cut the distance between us all, from nowhere to Now Here!

World are you ready? I’m coming unleashed
The cap’s off the pen, the sword’s been sheathed
Bringing all on top, leaving none underneath
With the will to bring peace, one love I bequeath
Found my true north when things turned south
Living by the message straight from the maker’s mouth
So Jah bless the jobless, and Allah loving all ya
Don’t get holy texts? God will still call ya
All souls are a blessing on the bodies’ alter
Live a life of love and one can never falter
Cause after all the trials in the lions’ lair
Moved past the pride for the Lord lifted me from there
Pleasing for the praises, now believing the power of prayer
Getting in stride somewhere from fabled tortoise to hare
To speed wild like a stallion or sit stabled like a mare
Ready to run, but lying patiently I wait
In the year of the horse to make it out the gate
Only look to serve, put portions on the plates
Of people so in need, view ’em all as blank slates
Whether on the streets or in skyscrapers
Show them life is more than praying for papers
No matter the distance, everyone is a neighbor
So for peace around the world is what my love labors
Smile and disarm ’em to the teeth, down to the sabers

Why must war be waged across the land and seas?
Life is priceless so how can deaths be the fees?
Sick of all the shots, shouts of fire and freeze
And deadly stings of drones like robotic killer bees
So I’m praying for peace, people I’m on my knees
Open your hearts to love in your chests lie the keys
But this is a request, not an order so I’ll finish with a please.
Good day young and old! Here’s one for all ages



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