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Blossom in the Springtime

In Stories, secrets & dreams on May 1, 2014 at 7:07 pm


In the springtime, the ground becomes warmer, and bulbs begin to blossom, bursting out of the ground. The mists of grass cover the Earth, and the trees grow bursts of leaves. In nature there is no word to describe how the earth revives except “renaissance.” My body feels alive and energized before the summer begins. I remember that when I was in school other students did not understand me. They made fun of me throughout my school years. It was very difficult to find conversation partners even though I did have a few friends.

I went to my neighborhood high school Franklyn K. Lane which was nearby and easy to walk to, before I transferred to a private school for disability people who have a learning problem. The school was in the city so I spent a lot of time commuting. After I graduated, the school was converted into apartments. During the last two years of high school I had opportunities to be in dramatic musicals. In my junior year I was one of the Jets in West Side Story, and in my senior year I was one of Fagin’s boys in Oliver Twist. These plays took place during the springtime blossoms, and I felt good about them. I guess I had spring fever at springtime that year.

By Leucio Parella

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