Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen

Michael’s Story

In Guest stories, Soup Kitchen Stories on February 10, 2014 at 8:02 pm


Michael is a 36 year old New Yorker, from Brooklyn. After leaving school, Michael pursued his dream of becoming a hairdresser, honing his skills in California before returning to land a job at a high end Fifth Avenue salon.

But last year, when Michael’s roommate moved out and he was left to cover their rent alone, things started to go wrong. When he lost his job and was unable to find another, Michael was evicted.

I couldn’t find any work,” he recalls, “and then I started drinking very heavy and it sort of developed into a life of its own.”

Michael’s drinking spiraled out of control for several months before he took the first step to address his addiction at a Washington DC based rehab. But returning to New York newly sober and homeless, presented a whole new set of challenges. He knew he needed support and luckily he remembered Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen.

I’ve known about this place for several years,” Michael says.  “Did I ever think I’d end up here? No. But life happens.”

Today, Michael has eight months of sobriety and is slowly turning his life around. Having found a place in the shelter system, he comes to the soup kitchen every day for a meal and respite from the chaos of the shelter.

It’s a struggle to stay sober,”  he admits, “living in shelters is stressful. It’s much calmer here and the volunteers are so friendly. I stick around after lunch for yoga and movies.”

Central to Michael’s recovery, is being of service and helping others. “I try to spread the word to other people who need help getting back on their feet,” Michael explains. “Two of my friends were evicted last week and they’ve been sleeping on trains. I brought them here, and it was a big help for them.”

Michael has hope for his future, a future he is living one day at a time with the help and support of the soup kitchen. “This place really does help people,” he says. “Some people don’t like coming to soup kitchens but you’re in this situation where you’ve got to suck up your pride.  That’s life, it happens. It can happen to anybody.”



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