Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen

Shirley’s Story

In Soup Kitchen Stories on January 26, 2014 at 4:43 pm


“I was nervous when I first volunteered here,” Shirley Cooke shares, with compassion. “The first thing I’ll tell anyone volunteering here is that you’re going to be just fine. Just focus on the fact that people here really need you, and you’ll have a great experience. Volunteering at Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen is a life saver. It’s the most rewarding thing that anyone can do for both themselves and for their community.”

Shirley started out volunteering once a week more than three years ago but now she comes at least three days a week, and gives orientations to our new volunteers.

She says that most new volunteers are surprised by the diversity of our guests and the wide range of services we offer here. “A lot of people think we’re just a soup kitchen,” Shirley says. “But we also have the writers’ workshop, yoga, and lots of social services. We help guests with housing, food stamps, and public assistance.”

When Shirley comes in to volunteer, she gets here early, ready to show new volunteers around and let them know what to expect out of their volunteering experience. “The soup kitchen has a rhythm,” Shirley explains. “There are lots of different volunteer jobs – there are two food lines, a beverage line, wrapping spoons, extra bread… I tell the new volunteers about all the different jobs. Then when they’re working, they have an idea about what’s going on around them, and that makes all the difference.”

“I’m so grateful for the soup kitchen and all that it offers. I’m thankful that I can be a part of it,” Shirley shares. “If you can afford to donate to Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen, it’s such a good thing to do. We need all the donations that we can get.”


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