Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen

Karolina’s Story

In Soup Kitchen Stories on January 2, 2014 at 9:13 am


When Karolina graduated from high school in Denmark, she was excited to take some time off before college and spend a few months in New York City. But for Karolina, it wasn’t enough to experience New York as a tourist.

“I wanted my trip to be about more than just sightseeing and more than just having fun on my own. I wanted to try something different and meet other people,” Karolina says. “I wanted to give back.”

Having done some volunteer work in Denmark, Karolina wasn’t a complete novice, but she was surprised by the sheer volume of meals served at Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen and the number of volunteers needed to serve them. Three weeks into her New York adventure, Karolina has been here seven times already and it’s seeing the difference this meal makes to the daily lives of our guests that makes her want to keep coming back.

“I really like that I can see that what I’m doing is helping someone,” Karolina remarks, smiling. “It’s a very basic thing to get a warm meal – I see the people who get this meal and they’re happy about it.”

Although Karolina will be returning to her native Denmark soon, she feels this experience at Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen will leave a much longer lasting imprint on her than just the short time she has spent in New York.

“I’d like volunteering to be something that’s a bigger part of my life when I start college and when I start working,” she says. “I think it’s important to sometimes give a little extra when you can, and most people can.”


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