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Five Years From Now

In Keeping hope alive, Stories, secrets & dreams on January 1, 2014 at 8:54 pm

trump tower columbus circle

Now I am in the writing workshop group. To think about what I should put down on this white paper with this blue pen. No one could predict the future. Five years from now, no one knows, including myself. I have dreams and thoughts about what could happen.

Now I am in the future. Five years passed on. I am in my penthouse, located in the Donald Trump condominium building overlooking the East River, thinking about what I should do and where I should park my black Mercedes Maybach.

One of the things is to take care of my family.

Second thing on the list is to be successful.

Third thing on the list is to be a philanthropist. One of the things is to open a foundation to help the needy. I have never done this before and this will be something new to me. I am going to hire specialist people to do the job. One day I will be a wealthy person.

Who am I kidding!? I am the last person who would do something like this. Who would listen to me? I am in my penthouse to figure out how to occupy my time.

Fourth thing on my list is to hire a gourmet chef who cooks nutritious food. My favorite food is Asian.

Fifth thing on my list is to take a trip around the world. The planet we love and hate.

Sixth thing on my list is to be more kind to people who are kind to me.

I am wondering if those things on my list are a reality or not. Now what should I be writing in this letter? Maybe something good or maybe something bad. The morning came and it was all a dream. I am having breakfast, maybe it was not a dream after all. You will decide. Now I am back in the writing workshop group to see things around me and thinking to write.

By Leucio Parrella


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