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Ode to Winter My Friend

In Poetry on December 13, 2013 at 4:46 pm


Ode to winter my friend, brutal and cold from start to end.
Its subzero temperatures make me gleeful and happy with delight,
The coats, the gloves, the scarf, the boots, the snow,
All mixed together with deep-freezing temperatures, oh,
Gee whiz! I say with delight,
More, more, keep it coming, I don’t like to sweat, very uncool-
Not a problem with winter. Loved it as a child, worship it as an adult,
It is one of my favorites, so here’s “Ode to Winter My Friend,”
Bitter cold to the very end. So, up in the air, I see statues, I see spring,
But winter is my thing.

By Jay Stafford Perry


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