Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen

Gerard’s Story

In Guest stories, Soup Kitchen Stories on November 24, 2013 at 8:14 pm


Gerard first came to Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen as a child. When food stamps weren’t enough to feed his family, his mom took the family from their Hell’s Kitchen apartment to the soup kitchen. “Every day we would trek from 48th Street to 28th Street to come eat,” Gerard recalls.

Gerard’s family hit some difficult times and he spent time in the foster care system. At 18 when he “aged out” of the system, Gerard once again found himself turning to Holy Apostles for help and this time, for more than just a meal.

“There was a time when I couldn’t even afford a haircut, and I need a haircut really badly. How could I get a job if my hair was all over the place?” Gerard says. The haircut ended up paying off – the next day, he got the job.

Now, at 32, Gerard’s life is back on track. He is married with children of his own. But when the family is having trouble making ends meet, Gerard and his wife come here, to help provide for their children.

“I’m very comfortable coming here. People shouldn’t be too proud to come to a place like this. There’s nothing wrong with coming to a soup kitchen, at all,” Gerard says.

“People need to be aware that there are these services available for them,” Gerard says. Much like we’ve been there for Gerard through the difficult points in his life, he hopes that other hungry New Yorkers will come here whenever they hit on hard times. “I’m grateful that this organization is here to help open doors for people. People come here for a little grounding, so they can figure out where to go.”

Gerard is also grateful for each and every one of our supporters. “The money that people donate is not wasted. It’s not wasted at all. It goes where it needs to go. It goes to the bellies of the people who are hungry. And it goes to the clothing that people need to wear so they can withstand the cold of the winter.”


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