Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen

Joe’s Story

In Guest stories, Soup Kitchen Stories on October 10, 2013 at 2:27 pm


“I’ve had a great experience at the soup kitchen. I really enjoy the discussion group and talking to people here,” Joe says enthusiastically. “There are people here with all different world views.”

Joe is interested in politics, and in his spare time, he volunteers for a newspaper where he proofreads and writes op-eds.

“I get more information on what’s happening in the world at the soup kitchen than I do from the media,” Joe explains.

While Joe particularly enjoys the weekly discussion group, he also appreciates other services that the soup kitchen offers. He has been coming here as a guest for the past 8 months.

 “The soup kitchen is important because there’s so much poverty in this country. Many people are working two jobs and they still have to live in shelters. The soup kitchen is trying to address those problems.”

Ultimately, Joe has hope that change can come for New York’s hungry and homeless. “We need a system that is based on need,” says Joe. “People need access to food, clothing, shelter, and education.”


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