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Empty Apartment

In Poetry, Who, where, how? on October 10, 2013 at 6:13 pm


Come home empty apartment, photos on wall and bookshelf and fireplace mantle of people I don’t know.

Someone is ringing my bell 3am. Who the hell is it – if it’s not important they are getting cold water on their face – Who is it? – Police- Police-open up- emergency. What is the emergency – Your building is on fire – let’s go let’s go – running out of the house down the block in my pj’s, its only 50 degrees – still cold.

Firefighters shooting water at the fire rising – it’s not working. Watering – 3 hours – they escorted us to a shelter – for 3 days we stayed hoping my apartment wasn’t badly burned.

Finally I signed out – checked on my home – I walked in, it’s empty no furniture, no refrigerator, all of my stuff is gone. All of my stuff is gone all my belongings. Its real quiet no family, there are pictures of other people on my wall and bookshelf. I don’t recognize them or know them – Am I dreaming? Do I have schizo? Maybe I am in the wrong house. No my key fits – what the hell is going on – Then a person comes out of the back room – Who are you – What are you doing here – in my house. This is my house I live here – I have a key and a rent receipt – bullshit.

My time machine brought me back to my mom’s house – get the hell out.

By Precious


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