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In Stories, secrets & dreams on October 4, 2013 at 2:29 pm


Finally I received my check for my overpayment from the Government. The government started to take too much  money out of my Social Security check in January of 2008. Through the years I had several NYU law students try to help me with this issue.

After a long period of time, I found someone to take on the case. I was living with this issue for a long tired time to find a good lawyer. Last year I had two hearings about seven  months apart. Then, at the last hearing, I won the case.

After the courtroom, my lawyer and I spoke, and he said it was going to take about two weeks to receive the payment. So I was waiting after New Year’s, but for some reason I didn’t receive it yet. I visited the Social Security office to follow up on it. Someone behind the window told me my payment got approved on January 3. Then she told me, “Have patience, you are going to receive the money.” I don’t like to have patience but I have it.

Months passed on, however. I gave the government the benefit of the doubt, and I still didn’t receive it. On Monday afternoon, April 23, I dragged myself to the Social Security office to follow up on it again. This time I had a young woman who listened to my concerns regarding the payment. When people visit the Social Security office, they spend a mass of time, a half day or an entire day, to get a resolution. This person told me again that my payment got approved on January 3 (Tell me something that I don’t know about – LOL).

I was on the website this morning to see if they sent the payment, and then a few hours later the check came.

By Leucio Parrella


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