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Sweet & Low

In Poetry on September 19, 2013 at 4:14 pm

hot chocolate

My baby loved to call me sugar
How was she to know
I’ve been a sugary substitute
Oh so sweet, but so very low

My angel likes hot cocoa
Equal spikes it just so
She also liked my cocoa ness
Sans the bittersweet of my sweet
but low

Without her I am saccharine
Sickly aftertaste sorrows seep
Into my heart, piercing my soul
Bleeding out the salt I weep

Constant lamentations season
My daily nutritional intake
Give me pure, smooth, sultry yumminess
Served as her honey love, for my sake

Let me show her my marshmallow center
Coated with hot love
Let me prove my core is only sweetness
Dipped in her white chocolate Dove

Candied Yams – I know I’ve been bitter
Pushed aside for poisoning your ego
Taste me now – lick, suck, BITE DEEP!
I am sweet heart, but without your love

So sweet and solo…. so low

By Stephanie Lawal


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