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September 11

In The worst of times on September 12, 2013 at 7:03 pm


I knew a young man named Patrick Brown who was a captain in the FDNY Engine Company 3. Pat and I knew each other for more than ten years. We went for walks and talks and to the beach. He was a character, a strong virile male whose life was quite different than mine – Irish Catholic ex-Marine, who from the time he was a little boy always wanted to be a fireman.

I remember once I asked him, “If you hadn’t become a fireman, what would you be?” He looked at me and said, “Now, Joe, I never thought of ever becoming anything else.”

He liked black coffee and hamburgers medium rare. He loved women (all types) and was always happy when they responded to his greetings. Pat was a good-natured character, but a character nonetheless.

He died somewhere in the World Trade Center. Probably one of the upper floors. They found his body on October 19, 2001, but he wasn’t buried until November 7, 2001. His funeral was at St. Patrick’s Cathedral near Rockefeller Center. So funny for a guy who didn’t attend services there. Six blocks were blocked off for his special day. He would have been proud. He did like attention but never grandstanded.

By Joe Negrelli


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