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Facebook. What is this thing called Facebook?

I have never been more confused and frustrated. Many of my friends and family talk about FB like it is the greatest. I signed on to it about six weeks ago out of curiosity and desire to be on the bandwagon. Now what am I supposed to do? I have no clue. I took Facebook for Dummies out of the library and my confusion is deeper than ever.

“Poke,” “Friend,” “Unfriend,” “Ignore,” “Accept,” “Wall.” What do all these words mean? It’s like learning a new language. I hesitate to click on these words for fear of letting a virus or God-knows-what into my computer.

Don’t these people on Facebook have anything better to do? I can’t believe the stupid stuff they post, and the photos, videos, and links they attach. Get a life, everyone!

One of my friends, whom I have known for nearly 35 years, is so chatty I don’t have to call or e-mail her to find out everything she and her family are up to. I feel like telling her, “Margie, enough already… You are telling the world too much.”

While looking at my Wall two nights ago, I discovered a posting from FB that said I had blocked one of my cousins twice that day. I did no such thing, and quickly e-mailed her to set things straight. Why did this happen? Again, I have no clue.

In spite of all this, FB does have its good side. I have reconnected with two nieces I had lost contact with. I joined a group of my former high school classmates. It’s great to see all these names and faces again. At this point in our lives, many are marrying off their children and becoming grandparents. But do I need to be reminded that I am now in that age category? I am ready to opt out.

By Lois Skaretka


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