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In Guest stories on June 21, 2013 at 2:51 pm


Elena never did like the stuffiness of indoors. Her son knew this, and still he insisted on having her too doped up to get out of bed. She wasn’t an invalid who needed a candystripper to pump up her pillow every hour. The day nurse had left. She hadn’t noticed that Elena didn’t swallow her pills. “They are all just waiting for the ambulance to come, to deliver me to the morgue. HA! That’s a gag.” Elena carefully rolled on her side and pushed herself up, while surprising stealthily swinging her still shapely legs over the edge of the bed. She then used the nearby night table to hoist herself to standing, and gingerly shuffled to her wheelchair, Elena had to admit that just the meager act had left her wiped. No matter, she’d rather be exhausted by self-determination, than to be taken away on a gurney. After all the whole idea of being at the lake house was to take in the scenery; to finally have peace.

Greg had always been a kind person, but as an adult, he was overtly-doting, to the point of being overbearing. He was Elena’s only child, so she had tolerated his attention. Now though, she had to show him that he could let go, it was time.

She rolled out of the open, sliding doors, down the ramp, to the bench where they had spent many summer days of his youth feeding ducks. She closed her eyes and waited for Greg to come.

By Stephanie Lawal

Photo credit: mjs_2009


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