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The Clock On the Mezzanine In Grand Central Station

In Uncategorized on June 1, 2013 at 8:31 am


I stand in all its glory.
I give time to all who wants to know it.
I don’t do much else except stay up here
on the wall staring down at folks, that’s all.

I get to see so many people tall, short and the like.
All different races not just white or black. Like waves
of the sea, I see them coming toward me moving rapidly.

I hear the harmony of their voices as they speak in unison
with a melody of its own, as they rush off to work or on their way home.

As my hand slowly moves inside this box, upon this wall, many people
continue to move pass with no thought of me at all. They huff and puff hurriedly
on off into the big space and away from my high place.

In all directions the pedestrians move but the clock on the wall it’s
a stagnant pool. I don’t move. I just tick and tick like no other unless,
I need to be fixed. Every once in a while, I have to come down but you
can be sure, “There is no other station like Grand Central Station in this town.”

By Shirley Cook


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