Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen

Meditation with Renate

In Soup Kitchen Stories on June 1, 2013 at 3:32 pm


Once a month, Renate holds up a sign in the back of the soup kitchen, reading “Meditation – Food for the Soul – Come & join us today at 12:45pm” She started a meditation class at the soup kitchen 6 years ago, 2 years after she began volunteering here, on a weekly basis. Initially, a friend of hers invited her to come volunteer at the soup kitchen – she loved it, and has stuck around ever since as a loyal and dedicated volunteer.

“The soup kitchen is such a warm and welcoming community. I love helping people, and volunteering at the soup kitchen is so rewarding.”

Renate started meditating twenty nine years ago as a member of Science of Spirituality (www.sos.org). Her brother told her about meditation in 1980, and soon after he started his meditation practice, she noticed a very positive change in her brother – he became peaceful and lost his stress as a businessman.

Her passion for meditation combined with her background give her the perfect credentials to lead meditation classes at the soup kitchen. Renate is a retired psychotherapist with a doctoral degree in Sociology of Adult Education. She was born in Austria, but lived in the Netherlands for 20 years and also lived in Paris and Rome before coming to the United States with her husband, who’s a psychiatrist.

“The soup kitchen is the perfect place for me to share the essentials of Light Meditation. The guests often spend so much time in the busy city streets. Meditation is a great way for them to relax and find inner fulfillment,” Renate said.

Renate is involved in a number of volunteer jobs around the city, including giving a meditation talk at public libraries, volunteering at a children’s camp, organizing a senior camp, providing pastoral care in a nursing home, leading weekly meditation classes in the Bronx, and more.

“I’m happy and joyful,” she explains. “If we learn to focus within, everyone can be happy and joyful despite all the difficult things going on in the world around us.”


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