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My friend

In Guest stories, Stories, secrets & dreams on April 25, 2013 at 7:12 pm


I would like to be able to write a letter to my friend Danny who died in 1989. I’d like him to know that I missed him, that he was good for me. That I missed talking about books with him. I envied him too, because he almost always completed the N.Y. Times Sunday crossword puzzle. Danny was funny too. We were at an A.A. meeting together one time and this woman speaker kept using “at this or that point in time” rather than “then.” I knew that annoyed him. After the speaker was through, the meeting was open to discussion. When it came Danny’s turn to comment he said he thought she would never stop using “at that or this point in time.” She then said, “At this point in time I don’t intend to stop using it.” I burst out laughing. I’d like him to know that I didn’t go to his wake because I wanted to remember him as he was when he was alive. That I didn’t send flowers but donated money to a soup kitchen in memory of him — I think he would approve of that. Danny was in my corner, he was my friend.

By T.C.

Photo credit: tommusic


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