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A New World 2 Dream

In Uncategorized on March 27, 2013 at 8:59 pm


How many people lost their job?

You need a new start

everything goin wrong

even your curl doesn’t twirl

how about a new world

a fresh start – diggin up the forgotten garden

(in ur heart)

plantin seeds weeds 4 each

season, very pleasin.

My enterprise you work 4 me

– to ur surprise – here I

can do anything I dream –

no government –

we are the leaders – each community

creates necessities 4 the people.

Recycle the money – each one teach one –

going back to primitive times

everyone is buildin my house ur house –

sharing jobs – community,

no poverty – eat and share

every tree of life –

no more tears no more

fears. The children playing

running, laughing – on ever

green endless lawns and trees

fall to ur knees if you please

the bees won’t sting –

the lions will roar with

nearly a locked jaw, all

creatures will greet

you with love – no stress –

my world is blessed – beware

if you get overwhelmed with

negative thoughts u will be

disconnected from

the matrix – with eternal

laughter. Does it matter?

by Precious


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