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Something I Lost

In Prose on January 17, 2013 at 9:30 pm

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The young woman sat down at her computer and switched it on. She immediately logged into Google, and paused before she typed in the man’s name. She thought back over the years since she had met him and remembered their time together fondly. They cared for each other deeply, but they could not be together, for various complicated reasons. She hadn’t seen or heard from him in about 10 years. Every so often over that time she would Google him, but not much came up – nothing she didn’t already know. He was a mature man, and she always feared what she might see on the screen. It had been at least six months since she had typed in his name.

She entered it, clicked “I’m Feeling Lucky,” and it came up immediately – his death notice. He had passed away a few months earlier. This did not come as any surprise to the young woman. Death at his age was certainly not untimely. She absorbed this information and grieved quietly for a few days, then began to feel better. She was happy that the internet and Google now existed – otherwise, she would not have known of his passing. She had many good memories of their time together. Her favorite was the time he had told her how happy she had made him, that she had brought him much joy.

Lois Skaretka


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