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In Guest stories on December 6, 2012 at 8:26 pm


This is the season for all of us to be charitable to everybody. Since I have been on the street, there has been a myth that circles around, where people have seen a man giving away cash on Thanksgiving and Christmas either at Penn Station, Port Authority or Grand Central Station. There is a story of a woman on Thanksgiving morning who emptied out all the coins she had in her change purse, and when she totaled it up it came to 85 cents. She placed her hands on her jaws and started to wonder what she is going to do for the Thanksgiving meal that day. Then a man came and stood behind her, and asked her what was she doing.

She was sitting on a milk crate. She told him of her dilemma, and he told that her the day was young and that she should hope for something. She said that hoping was all she could do at the moment. There was silence from both parties until the man spoke. “When you hope hard enough, your prayers will be answered,” he said. With that, he gave her five crisp $100 bills. She thanked him. This story has been told every Thanksgiving.

This story happened not at Thanksgiving, but during the summer time. There was a group of people waiting one night outside a Chase bank in midtown. This midnight run was to stop on the other side of the street, but it started to drizzle, so the group ran into the bank where they had the cash machines. A man who was using one of the machines asked, “what’s going on?” They told him about the midnight run, and that they had gone into the bank to shelter from the rain. So he gave them each $20 each to buy coffee. It was 10 people. Stories like this happen to people like this, and you’ll never hear about it.

Now my story is, the other day I was in Grand Central sitting on a bench talking with my friend Billy, when a man came up and sat beside Billy. He said, “Excuse me but I would like to offer you two gentlemen this Thanksgiving gift.” Billy thanked him, but the man insisted. He shared it with me. When Billy opened the cash, it was two $100 bills. We were so taken aback with this money that we both forgot to take a good look at our benefactor. We were happy to receive that cash. If he came and stood before us now we would not recognize him.

Now I can say I witnessed part of a myth. So from the bench I sleep on at night to you in your nice warm apartments, may I wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

George Cousins


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