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A Simple Marriage

In Prose on September 20, 2012 at 8:44 pm

There is a man. A man who has grown in his own thoughts, his own ideas. When he was a kid he thought about what he wanted to become in his life, the successes he wanted to have, the accomplishments he would strive for. He worked hard. He lived many days accomplished and successful. His name is Yoberdox.

He lived his life – a businessman, a family man, though he never had a family of his own. He moved to the countryside, to a beautiful home which he cared for the same way he cared for his business. He cared for his crops, his garden, his animals, his furnishings – all was well for Yoberdox. He also enjoyed making motorcycles. He never rode them. He would make the motorcycles, take them apart, then make them over again. He made about 6 bikes altogether.  Continuously when he had time, he would very slowly examine his bikes, the same way he examined his garden every day. He lived inside of his garden, he learned plants, the names of them, and what they meant to outside living. Yoberdox was so accomplished in his life he could have small vacations away from his business and enjoy his home.

Although he made motorcycles, he lived most of his life afraid. He never went riding on highways. He was afraid of the road. He was afraid of getting hurt. Yoberdox never married, probably afraid of commitment to someone like himself. He married in a way he never spoke about. He married his life, his business, his home, his garden, his furnishings, his motorcycles. He fell in love with his life – but it was a marriage he was afraid of.



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