Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen

As in the Movies

In Poetry on September 6, 2012 at 8:59 pm

As in the movies I was touching a dream

Since a year ago when I first became involved with writing.

Since then every Wednesday

I am in the room, spiritually, really creating.

I also got the habit to write every day

Just one page at a time

Or at least I got the habit to try.

Whatever may happen – either beauty,

ugliness or many times something undefined,

I see all of us sharing verbs, words, the real.

Longing to make work of high value.

I have seen us as celebrities,

A positive force built up massively

Until we are valued by society and culture.

Let us meet next Autumn at least at the park,

In front of the building

When our book will be produced

As if we to say, we are important.

Our lives are a mystery that counts!

John Cabello


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