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Best Mistake

In Guest stories, Stories, secrets & dreams on August 23, 2012 at 7:12 pm

I was nine years old and home for the weekend from boarding school. My mother sent me off to enjoy the county fair in rural North Carolina. A five-minute walk from home brought us to the field where we saw a variety of games, rides and concession stands. Pizza was a big 25c a slice, and pony rides cost the same.

I was fascinated by the sign that read “Fortune Teller – have your palm read 25c.” We all felt the future was important. I was especially worried about boyfriends, since I was short and fat. Smitty looked average. Linda was a tall and graceful girl who guys just buzzed around. We giggled at the sign and whispered for a few minutes. There were no customers, and I boldly said, “I’m going in.” I opened the door and saw a lady dressed as a gypsy. “Come in and sit down,” she said. “Cross my palm with silver.” A quarter did the trick.

I sat down for what seemed like forever. The only thing I remember as she looked over my palm was that she told me I would: have a long life, travel worldwide, and marry a man from a foreign land. After a two-minute reading, I was rushed out the door. The fortune teller now had a line of clients waiting. Smitty giggled when I came out, and Linda was suitably impressed. I wanted to go in again, but it was time to go home. I was happy, and I had a lot to think about. I would marry someday. The gypsy told me so.

I moved to New York and became a reservation agent for a foreign airline and traveled worldwide. I married a man from England who I met in a pub on Third Avenue. Years later, he returned to London with my heart and our bank account. But at least I can always say that I was married.

Carol West


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