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I Used to Know How to…

In Guest stories, Stories, secrets & dreams on August 16, 2012 at 8:18 pm

Once upon a time, I could dance. I danced a lot  by going to clubs and parties. Now, I just tap my foot. When I was growing up, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night, if there was a party, I was there. My favorite clubs to go to were the Peppermint Lounge, the Cheetah, and the Rink in Brooklyn. There were others, but those were the ones I frequented. I would always watch Dick Clark’s dance show on television on Saturdays to see the latest moves, and then I perfected them on Saturday nights. I was young and I had a lot of energy. There were some stupid dances, like the Hully Gully, the Frug, the Butterfly, the Twist, and the Skate. I knew them all, particularly the latest one, the Electric Slide. We had fun then – it was all about dancing. Now I look back on those days and say, “Can you do any of those dances still? No.” But I remember the fun I had and I can say proudly, that I used to know how to…

George Cousins


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